General Rules:

  1. Whatever we get involved in and whoever helps it must always remain fun.

  2. We will always strive to do something good for others.

  3. No one involved in the organisation will gain in any financial way.

  4. The organisation will be registered as a non-for-profit organisation.

  5. The organisation will always remain non-profit.

  6. Any money earned from a task/job completed will be 100% donated to a Charity.

  7. Any money made from an item sold in the shop will be split into 95% donated to a charity, and 5% used to maintain the working of the organisation. (websites subscriptions ect.)

  8. We will always strive to stay passionate and listen to every member involved.

  9. The organisation will always be run as a democracy and be open to criticism.

  10. No member will ever be bigger than the goal in mind, or try control the project individually

Money Donated:

  1. All money donated will be %100 given to a charity.

  2. The donator will choose which one of the 4 current charities the donation will go towards.

  3. The donator will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

  4. The donator will receive a surprise thank you.


Hobbies Donated:

  1. All hobbies are welcome

  2. Hobbies will be donated at a price agreed upon by the client, the hobbyist and the organisation.

  3. The price will be negotiated before the start of the project.

  4. The time frame will be negotiated and signed off by both the client and the hobbyist before the start of the project.

  5. The money will be received on acceptance of the project and signed off by the client.

  6. The money will be paid in full to hobbies 4 charity and 100% of the amount will go towards 1 of the 4 current charities supported by the organisation.

  7. The chosen charity will be selected by the person/persons that have complete the project.

  8. A mention will be given to each person that has completed and helped with the project.



  1. Hobbies 4 Charity will support 4 charities/causes at any one time.

  2. Each Charity will have a goal that needs to be reached. The goal will be set by the organisation.

  3. Once the goal is reached that charity will be paid out in full.

  4. Each member that helped to complete the goal of a charity will get to suggest the replacement charity.

  5. The charity will then be replaced by a charity chosen by the organisation out of the suggestions received.


  1. All shop items will be created or gifted by an organisation member.

  2. 95% of the shop item price will go towards the charity of the creators choice.

  3. 5% of the shop item price will go towards running the organisation

  4. No money will be pocketed by any individual.

  5. No profit will be made by the organisation

  6. If there is remaining money at the end of a financial year, the money will be used for running costs of the next year, and the rest donated to a charity/cause chosen by the organisation.

Organisation responsibilities:

  1. Hobbies 4 Charity will make all financial statements and documents publicly available.

  2. Hobbies 4 Charity will file a yearly financial tax return as required for a non-profit organisation.

  3. Hobbies 4 Charity will always stand behind and back their products/services to the consumers guarantee act.

Added Clauses From the IRD:

  1. No member or person who is associated with a member of the organisation shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the organisation where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage. The exceptions are where it is derived from: professional services to the organisation carried out in the course of business that are charged at a rate that is not greater than current market rates, or interest on money lent at a rate that is not greater than current market rates.​

  2. Any property left after the organisation has been wound up or dissolved, and all its debts and liabilities paid shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the organisation. It must be given or transferred to another other organisation or body with similar objectives, or to some other charitable organisation or purpose within New Zealand. 

  3. Inland Revenue must approve any addition to or alteration of the aims/objects, payments to the members clause or the winding-up clause. The provisions and effect of this clause shouldn't be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document that replaces this document.


  1. Please remember all members, hobbyist and volunteers work full time and are offering up their personal time out of good will. This means that sometimes they might not have spare time, and sometimes things might take a while. It also means that sometimes they might not do it precisely like you wanted, but will always strive to do their best.

  2. All of the parties involved are involved to have fun while doing something good, so please keep things relaxed, chilled and happy.

  3. All clients are helping by paying for the work, which goes to charity, so please give them good prices aka “mate’s rates”.

  4. Remember as a client you will get a “mate’s rates” price, way less than anywhere else, but it might take a bit longer, or it have to be done twice to get it just right, but and the bright side is you are helping a charity and you are getting a great deal, so please be patient and helpful.

Last but not least and we cannot say it enough, but it is all about having fun while doing good!!