We have two ways you can donate, the first one is really simple, people give CASH. (find the link at the bottom of the page) Make sure you state which charity you want it to go to. 


The second is the one we are all about, donating your time or hobbies. 

Basically if you have a hobby you would like to offer up, and there is someone willing to pay for your hobby, then you're our perfect candidate. You do the job they want done, for a price that is cheaper than normal, what we like to call "mates rates". That money then gets paid to us, you get to decide which one of our 4 current charities it gets donated to. (100% of it)


We have 4 charities that we support at any given time, each charity will have a goal to reach. Each hobby completed adds moolah to the goal/charity you choose. Once the goal for a charity is reached the money gets paid out to that charity and we celebrate.


From there a new charity is chosen. Elected out of suggestions from anyone who was been involved in reaching the previous goal.

The second cool part about this, is that hopefully along the way you have also helped someone do something cool, that if they got a professional to do, would of been outside of their budget.

For any further questions or want to help please feel free to email us :)




3:30PM - 6:00PM